In our industry, one employee can affect the history of the entire enterprise. That's what Chairman and CEO Steve Wynn told Bobby Palmer when he called Bobby at home to thank him for impressing two guests.

The two veteran travelers who had stopped by Bobby's Blackjack table the night before. They had been amazed by his skill, his friendly approach and by his charm. The next day, when they kept their appointment with Mr. Wynn, the two couldn't stop talking about the experience.

They were complimentary about the entire staff of the casino and hotel, Mr. Wynn said, but Bobby especially impressed them. Listening to the two sophisticated travelers, who were accustomed to excellent service, rave about the treatment they'd received "was the best half-hour I'd spent in a long time," Mr. Wynn said. The next night, he stopped by Bobby's table to shake his hand and thank him again.

For Bobby, personal attention from the Chairman and CEO was unexpected. But the response from the guests was not. Bobby treats every guest like a VIP, because he believes that's what every Wynn | Encore guest deserves.
It's the little things that make a difference. That's the guiding principle Director of Northeast Accounts Wayne Palbaum lives the motto.

For instance, during a planning meeting with a major client, the lead event planner mentioned she wished she had time to shop for an ornament for her Christmas tree. But she was leaving early the next morning.

Since shopping simply wouldn't fit into her schedule, Wayne took over.

After the meeting, he picked out a beautiful ornament, had it wrapped and placed on the limo seat so she'd find it on her way to the airport. The client was thrilled. In her note of thanks, she remarked that this is one of the many reasons her company keeps coming back to Wynn | Encore for their programs.

Showing never-ending attention to detail – taking care of the little things – is a key part of our Core Values, and a major reason our guests keep coming back.
An anniversary couple recently came back to relive the memories of their wedding day. They strolled through the property, reminisced about the ceremony and smiled over the dinners and shows they'd enjoyed.

Of course, they couldn't leave without visiting Hattie Biggs.

Six years earlier, Hattie had played fairy godmother for the bride on her wedding day – making sure her special day really was a dream come true. Hattie had been the Assistant Housekeeping Manager on duty when the couple was mistakenly given a room that hadn't been cleaned. Determined to make the stay perfect for the bride-to-be, Hattie summoned her crew and made sure the room sparkled when they were done. She also asked the Front Desk to send up champagne and strawberries to be waiting for the happy couple after the ceremony.

"I told her everything would be all right," Hattie says now. "We got the room cleaned, and then she asked me to help her with her makeup." Surprised, but willing, Hattie helped the bride prepare for her big day.

The couple has returned to Wynn | Encore twice to celebrate anniversaries. Each time, they've insisted on seeing Hattie. On their visit this year, they found where she was working and came to see the woman who had made such a difference on their wedding day.

The wife's eyes filled with tears when she saw Hattie. "Do you remember helping me on my big day," she asked. "How could I forget?" Hattie replied as they hugged.

Caring about everyone and everything is a Wynn | Encore Core Value for two major reasons: it's the right thing to do, and it guarantees a memorable guest experience. Memorable experiences, in turn, create long-term loyalty among our guests.
"Caring about everyone and everything" is a Core Value that Buffet Hostperson Sandra Galdamez applies to every guest. One Friday night she had a guest who was observing the Jewish Sabbath, which prohibits followers from using the telephone or completing monetary transactions from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

While talking with him, Sandra discovered the guest wanted breakfast in bed the following morning. Because of his religious restrictions, however, he would be unable to dial In-Room Dining to order the meal or to sign for the food when it arrived.

Sandra decided that shouldn't prevent the guest from receiving the service he wanted. She got his breakfast order and she and her manager called In-Room Dining. After explaining the situation, they arranged for the morning meal to be delivered without requiring a signature from the guest. Sandra was both flexible and creative when faced with a guest service challenge. By caring about everyone and everything she was able to deliver an exceptional experience for her guest.
It doesn't matter if it's a dime or a dollar or thousands of dollars. When you find something, you turn it in to Lost & Found. It was that simple for Guest Room Attendant Latasha Boggess. Latasha was going through her daily task sheet when she entered a guest room to get it ready for the next occupant. The previous guest had obviously left, taking all personal belongings and luggage. But on top of a sofa cushion, Latasha saw a fat envelope.

She followed procedure. Security arrived and found the envelope contained $2,500 in cash. Housekeeping Floor Manager Nancy Clavero checked and found the guest had already left the property.

Security Officer Carlos Rodriguez took the cash to be recorded in Lost & Found and reached out to the guest's host, Frank Scaletta. Frank contacted his clients, who were so grateful for Latasha's honesty and quick follow-through.

It's a simple story with a happy ending, but it reflects the Wynn | Encore core values and makes us who we are. Wynn | Encore guests know they can count on our employees' caring about everyone and everything. That confidence helps create loyal guests.
Taking responsibility means owning a guest's problem – working tirelessly to find a solution. That's just what Senior Lead Red Card Representative Sophia Sykes did for a couple who wanted to see one of our resident DJs. The couple asked Sophia how to get tickets to see one of their favorite DJ acts, who would be playing at the club that night. She explained how to purchase the tickets online and mentioned the internet kiosks available on the property.

Later, the guest came back, upset because he had paid for the tickets at the internet kiosk in the Encore Esplanade, but the kiosk printer wasn't working. He came back to Sophia because she had been so helpful earlier. Sophia walked back to the kiosk with the guest to see what she could do.

The kiosks are owned by an outside contractor who doesn't have an on-site representative. Sophia called the number on the front on the kiosk but the kiosk representative couldn't get the tickets to print, either. Unwilling to leave her guests in the lurch, Sophia tried another idea. If the kiosk representative emailed the information, could the Wynn Business Center print the tickets? A few phone calls and a walk to the Business Center later, the guests left with the tickets in hand, big smiles on their faces, and gratitude in their hearts for Sophia's persistence.

"The wife said she knew it wasn't necessarily my job, but she appreciated my patience and the fact that I didn't give up on the first 'no,'" Sophia said.

For this couple, Sophia was Wynn | Encore. Because she took responsibility for solving their problem, they left knowing that guest service is the prime mission of everyone at our property, no matter what their job title.
Utility Porter Teodora Dacunos was just starting her shift when she heard the radio call. Rainwater was backing up and flooding the Wynn VIP Lounge. She rushed to the area and saw others had already put towels around the area to block the water and try to keep the carpet dry.

The same thing had happened just a week earlier, and the soaked carpet had already been replaced. Now the new material was at risk. Rather that grabbing a Wet Vac to save the new carpet, Teodora looked for a solution to the flooding.

Outside, she scanned the area to see what was causing the rainwater to back up. She quickly found the problem – a clogged grate over a drainage pipe -- and removed the wet leaves and other material blocking it. The water immediately began to disappear.

By being in the moment, Teodora did more than find a short-term solution to a pressing problem. She considered what was causing the problem and found a solution. Her actions prevented damage to our property and saved our guests some inconvenience. Great job, Teodora!
The woman and her young daughter were obviously lost as they wandered down the long hallway outside the Sales offices. They had come in looking for Lost & Found. Senior Sales Manager Rachael Braziel, who was just on her way out, offered assistance.

The woman poured out her story. The family had stayed at Wynn | Encore a year before, and her daughter had left her favorite stuffed animal – a little lamb – behind at The Buffet. Was there any chance the little lamb might still be here and find its way home after all this time?

Rachael wasn't sure, but she escorted the pair to Lost & Found. The news wasn't good. Left behind nearly a year ago, the little lamb had already been discarded or donated. As the mother explained in their native language that the lamb had gone to live with another little girl in America, the five-year-old began to cry quietly. She'd been troubled by nightmares, her mother explained, and had had trouble sleeping since losing her favorite toy.

The saddened mother and daughter returned to their rooms, but now Rachael had a new mission. She went straight to The Drugstore to seek out a new companion for the little girl. Lambs weren't in the store's stock of stuffed animals. But, after extensive hug and squeeze tests, Rachael selected the store's softest bunny. When she took the new friend to the guests' room, the girl's father answered the door. He was surprised and touched by Rachael's gift and the effort she'd made to cheer up a young traveler.

Even though Rachael was unable to replace the little girl's favorite friend, she did everything she could to reassure her and her family that at Wynn | Encore we care about everyone and everything.
The weather was perfect for lunch on the outdoor patio at Terrace Pointe Café, but the sun was just too bright. And the guest, who'd just been seated, realized she'd left her sunglasses in her car.

She was joking when she asked Server Aldo Alonzo if anyone had a pair of sunglasses she could borrow. But Aldo saw an opportunity to dazzle the guest. He went back inside to ask his coworkers if anyone had an extra pair of sunglasses.

Server Marissa Sarandos was just leaving for her lunch break and gladly offered her sunglasses so the guest could enjoy her outdoor lunch without squinting into the sun.

The guest was delighted! So was General Manager Kristen Mumpower. "That's the kind of people these servers are," she says. "Going the extra mile and making a generous gesture just comes naturally to them."

Thanks to servers who care about everyone and everything, our guest was able to enjoy her lunch in comfort. She left impressed by one more example of service the Wynn | Encore way.
Steve Wynn famously says that the most important employee on the property is the next one the guest meets after they've had a bad experience. Security Officer Amanda Watkins looks for opportunities to be that person. She found one recently when she and Officer Marvin Sowards were asked to help open an in-room safe.

Their troubleshooting didn't work, so Engineer Edward Pizzo came up to make the repair. Amanda noticed that one of the guests was obviously upset despite the quick response.

She asked if she could help, and the guest poured out her story. Like many visitors, the woman and her husband had packed their trip with fun activities, but a series of little mishaps kept derailing them. They'd already missed a hot air balloon ride and other treats. Now the delay with the safe meant they were missing their dinner reservations and a show at another property. The stress of seeing their plans crumble again was getting to his wife, the husband explained.

Amanda immediately focused on turning the situation around. She reached out to her shift manager and the hotel managers and was able to get the couple seats for that evening's performance of Le Rêve – The Dream. When Amanda returned and told the guests what she'd done, it was the husband who got emotional. After battling bad luck and indifference at other properties on their Vegas visit, he was almost overwhelmed by Amanda's quick, efficient efforts.

By being alert to the guests' problems and then acting quickly to provide a solution, Amanda was able to make a real difference in this couple's experience. That's what it means to be in the moment.

Storytelling is an art as old as mankind itself. Every culture uses the power of story to share their values and ideas – to educate and inspire. Wynn Resorts, and the unique culture we've created, is no different.

Wynn has a set of simple core values that we instill in all our employees:

Care about everyone and everything
Show never-ending attention to detail
Take responsibility; don't leave it to others
Always strive to be better

How we share and demonstrate these values is through our own Storytelling Program. Through this initiative, employees are invited to share the moments when they excel – when they have that perfect guest interaction, when they discover a way to improve our operations, when they truly hit those core values on the head and go above and beyond. In the process, their stories provide inspiration to their coworkers and guide them to reach higher themselves.

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