Wynn Stories


Storytelling is an art as old as mankind itself. Every culture uses the power of story to share their values and ideas – to educate and inspire. Wynn Resorts, and the unique culture we've created, is no different.

Wynn has a set of simple core values that we instill in all our employees:

Care about everyone and everything
Show never-ending attention to detail
Take responsibility; don't leave it to others
Always strive to be better

How we share and demonstrate these values is through our own Storytelling Program. Through this initiative, employees are invited to share the moments when they excel – when they have that perfect guest interaction, when they discover a way to improve our operations, when they truly hit those core values on the head and go above and beyond. In the process, their stories provide inspiration to their coworkers and guide them to reach higher themselves.

Hear Some Of Our Stories