Director of Mexican Service and Hospitality in Las Vegas, NV at Wynn Careers

Date Posted: 10/1/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Position oversees the development and implementation of business strategies to ensure execution of the brand service strategy and brand initiatives that makes certain the restaurant’s dishes remain rooted in Mexican ingredients, flavors, and are prepared according to time tested and specialized Mexican techniques delivering an authentic Mexican experience.  Leads the plans that the restaurant exceeds the guests needs, ensures a high level of employee engagement, and is continually focused on growing revenues and maximizing financial performance of the business. This role is a key element to the overall success of the restaurant.

Key Responsibilities


  • Leads restaurant operations according to established operating policies and procedures.
  • Develops and implements innovative business strategies to maximize revenue and increase profitability.
  • Prepares, presents, shares, and discusses financial results to senior leadership.
  • Communicates to team about operational details and oversees VIP services.
  • Creates a work environment that promotes teamwork, mutual respect, and employee engagement.
  • Manages the research, development, and implementation of new ideas (products, service techniques, environmental additions) to ensure the venue remains competitive and relevant.
  • Monitors fiscal budgets and the long-term development of the operation, regarding revenue, costs, and other expenses, in accordance with Wynn Las Vegas Standards.
  • Conducts menu engineering, sales analysis on a regular basis and recommend areas to minimize costs and maximize revenue.
  • Works closely with the partner Chef’s/restaurant Executive Chef to create new food items that are within the parameters of the concept.
  • Corrects any deviations from service procedures swiftly.
  • Conducts daily briefings and disseminate company information to the restaurant management team, while listening and noting feedback to improve in the operation.
  • Establishes and maintains positive relationships/rapport with all guests, focusing efforts to exceed guest expectations at every opportunity.
  • Populates nightly reports and record daily details of operation for executive team to review.
  • Assists and performs duties assigned by the SVP of Food and Beverage.


Guest Services

  • Identify and anticipate customers’ needs and expectations, while fulfilling Wynn’s Brand Values.
  • Accommodate all special guest engagements or celebrations, extending offers to amplify the experience.
  • Request feedback and gather specific information (cleanliness, food quality, service) concerning the dining experience.
  • Knowledgeable in all facets of the work environment (hotel, other departments, etc.) to ensure all guest inquiries are handled properly.
  • Address all guests’ requests (verbal, on-line, Medallia, etc) and handle complaints in a satisfying and timely manner.
  • Provide feedback to guests’ recommendations and share their ideas with staff and management and include in planning and operations.
  • Provide personalized service to media and VIP guests, ensuring all pertinent departments in the operation are aware of these individuals and their notes.

People Management and Training

  • Provide supervision, direction, and leadership to the management team/staff to achieve and exceed department goals.
  • Delegate tasks equitably among the restaurant management team, while pushing them to grow and learn different things in the operation.
  • Develop and share with the team the vision for the venue, customer service goals, and financial objectives.
  • Coach, motivate, counsel and evaluate management team and encourage their participation in decision-making.
  • Aid in staff hiring, training, and development for both managers and line-level positions where needed.
  • Identify and develop each Team Members individual strengths to maximise team performance, while correcting any weaknesses to also promote accountability.
  • Create operational manuals and relay proper information to all departments to ensure all employees are on the same page and holding team members accountable for their actions.
  • Provide testing (written, verbal, instructional) to all Team Members to ensure important information is being understood.
  • Assess service standards and arrange training sessions and refresher courses for management staff in coordination with the outlet trainer.
  • Promote a work environment where employees feel valued, appreciated, involved, equal and safe, and respected.

Company and Department Responsibilities

  • Responsible to review, modify, and implement changes to all relevant operational avenues (menus, service, costs) to amplify profitability.
  • Continually think of creative ideas to enhance the restaurant’s image, service standards, and revenue streams on a daily basis.
  • Collaborate with other pertinent departments within the hotel to ensure assistance is always provided when needed.
  • Attend department and inter-department meetings and share relevant information.
  • Encourage good relationships, promote team spirit, and ensure effective two-way and multicultural communications between all departments.
  • Adhere to the company policies and procedures and comply with the Code of Conduct.
  • Follow SNHD health and OHSA safety standards, while striving for constant improvement to avoid health and injury hazards for our guests and employees alike.

Job Requirements

Competencies and Requirements

Experience: Minimum of five years’ supervisory experience in a luxury, award-winning, fine-dining Mexican restaurant/bar/lounge.

Language Abilities: Fluent spoken and written Spanish and English

Knowledge: Excellent knowledge of high-end Mexican cuisine, tequila, mixology, cost control, reporting (P&L’s) and social dining service experience.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media experience required.

Licenses: Able to obtain and maintain any licensing or active work cards pertinent to the job, including but not limited to a valid health card, hearing test, or alcohol awareness card.

Education: Secondary school diploma or above; Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management is preferred

Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office, Outlook, POS (Micros), purchasing software, warehouse requisition software, time-keeping software, SevenRooms host system (or relatable host system)

Physical requirements:  Ability to stand long hours at a time

Appearance: Maintain a clean and professional appearance, adhering to company standards.

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience with Mexican food and beverage operations (service, culinary, beverage and culture)
  • Experience with pre-openings, planning and project management
  • Must possess outstanding leadership, organizational, interpersonal and administrative skills, as well as excellent attention to detail with a true focus on the entire guest experience
  • Self-motivated, organized, confident, friendly and polite
  • Team player who responds quickly to demands and thrives in a high-pressure work environment
  • Previous experience managing employees using a Collective Bargaining Agreement.


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