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Date Posted: 6/3/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

A Functional Manager role is an emerging role in Information Technology (IT) organizations. The Functional Manager is a liaison between IT and the business. The Functional Manager has significant knowledge in subject matters pertaining to both IT and the business. The Functional Manager is responsible to understand the business, assist in the prioritization of projects, ensure that projects align with the technology that best provides maximum return on investment, and assists in directing an IT strategy in support of the overall business strategy.

Despite effort on both sides, there still exists a divide between business units and information technology group. It is that divide that a product manager must work tirelessly to bridge with the end goal of aligning the seemingly endless demands of very disparate groups. The role involves a lot of facilitation such as smoothing the adoption of new technology-based solutions by business users. The Functional Manager also keeps everyone on the same page so that no one goes without having access to and updates of a company's core information. In a sense, they are the guardians and champions of methodology and adherence to those methodologies.

The position "Functional Manager" was actually created by CIOs as the solution to a recently definable problem that the business side of things sees a barrier to the use of IT in companies mostly because they (the business, not IT) do not understand what can and cannot be done with IT.

To solve this problem, CIOs created the Functional Manager position to act as the liaison between the business and the IT department to facilitate and improve the effectiveness of communication. This in turn will improve the company as a whole.

Job Requirements


• Pre-project (proposal) business solution design
• Moving a proposal through the Intake process for validity and funding
• Has relationship with internal technology teams
• Has relationship with external technology vendors
• Identifies opportunities for operational efficiency
• Service Level Agreement (SLA) negotiations
• Directs projects towards desired technology strategies


• Overall proposal delivery from inception to handover
• Provides initial project estimates for cost-benefit analysis

Consultant (Advises on the task)

• Evaluate project objectives
• Works closely with business on project prioritization
• New business initiative analysis

Informed (Is advised on the task)

• Gains understanding of business strategies
• Gathers information on competitor technology
• Stays abreast of industry trends in the business and technology
• Has relationship with existing or potential vendors
• "...involved with advanced or emerging technology groups within your IT organization


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